Economic Sustainability

PRIME is dedicated to creating stable and sustainable value by optimising its portfolio and striving for operational excellence in its asset and capital management. We aim to develop a resilient portfolio that delivers long-term sustainable growth and value to our Unitholders.

By integrating ESG considerations into PRIME's business operations and corporate strategy, sustainable business performance is ensured while maintaining accountability to investors, tenants, the workforce, and communities. PRIME anticipates that ESG performance will play an increasingly significant role in driving investment returns and plans to proactively incorporate ESG practices to build resilience, manage risk and strengthen financial performance.

To gauge PRIME's economic performance, we utilise key metrics, such as distributable income and distribution per unit ("DPU"). PRIME's financial performance results are shared through half- and full-year results announcements, along with quarterly key business and operational updates, and annual reports.

For more information on PRIME's Economic Performance, please refer to the Financial Review section on page 14 of PRIME's 2022 Annual Report.

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