REIT Structure

The following diagram illustrates the relationship, among others, between Prime US REIT, the Manager, the Trustee, the U.S. Asset Manager and the Unitholders as at 31 July 2021.

  1. The Manager wholly-owns the Manager US Sub. The Manager has organised the Manager US Sub so that to the extent activities of the Manager, including under the KBS Management Agreement, would be required to be performed within the U.S., those activities will be delegated to the Manager US Sub.
  2. PRIME S2 Pte. Ltd. wholly-owns two Barbados entities which are currently dormant.
  3. 125 preferred shares have been issued by Parent U.S. REIT to parties who are not related to the Sponsor with a coupon of 12.5%. The preferred shares are non-voting, non-participating and redeemable at the option of Parent U.S. REIT. The terms of the preferred shares are in accordance with customary terms offered to other accommodation shareholders (which are third party holders required to meet the 100 shareholder test) for U.S. REITs in the United States. The Certificate of Incorporation for Parent U.S. REIT contains provisions that ensure that this 100 shareholder requirement is continuously met at all times required under US tax rules applicable to U.S. REITs.
  4. An agreement entered into between the Manager, the Manager US Sub, the U.S. Asset Manager, the Parent U.S. REIT and the Property Holding LLCs.
  5. For the avoidance of doubt, there will only be one Upper-Tier U.S. LLC, one Mid-Tier U.S. LLC and one Lower-Tier U.S. LLC.
  6. Each Acquisition LLC holds one Property-Tier U.S. LLC.
  7. Each Property will be held by an individual Property-Tier U.S. LLC.
  8. For the avoidance of doubt, KBS RA is not a subsidiary of the Manager, and KBS RA does not hold any shares in the Manager (whether directly or indirectly) and vice versa. The estate of Peter M. Bren (together with other family members) indirectly owns 50.0% of the interests in KBS RA while Charles J. Schreiber Jr. (together with other family members) indirectly controls the remaining 50.0% of the interests in KBS RA. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Charles J. Schreiber Jr. controls the voting rights with respect to the interests in KBS RA held indirectly by the estate of Peter M. Bren.
  9. PRIME S3 Pte. Ltd. (“Sing Sub 3”) was incorporated in February 2020 in relation to the acquisition of Park Tower. Utilising proceeds from the private placement completed on 21 February 2020, Sing Sub 3 provided a loan to Prime US-Sub REIT, Inc. to partially finance the acquisition of Park Tower.

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